sobota, 16 lutego 2013

Hypnopompic paintings

Street Art / Murals

"Letters" Warsaw, 2007

"Face" , Warsaw 2010

"Prometeus", mural in Pisz, done with Bozek, 2011

"Improvisation" 2009

"I am" , 2011

"Improvisation" gypsum wall done  with Bozek during Adidas Street Fest festival, 2011

"The Kiss", wall done during Street Art Doping festival 2012

"The Lady" ,  2013

"The Sea Journey" wall done for  "Oto Ja" ,exhibition of works done by authisitc peoples in V9 gallery, 

"The Family" part of a social mural for Policyjna Izba Dziecka in Warsaw,

"The Forrest" , wall done for the exhibition of my works in V9 gallery,

"The Monkey Man", 2014

"Sleeping Man", Warsaw, 2015

"Spray Walker" Warsaw, 2015

"It' s Ok." Warsaw, 2015

"Walking", Warsaw, 2016

"Rather Hell" Warsaw, 2016

Warsaw, 2016

"The Fat B-Boy" , Warsaw, 2016

"Oh My..." with Szczerbak, Warsaw, 2016

Warsaw 2016

"Jazz in free time" during Forin Benefis Party

Warsaw 2016

"Andrew" Warsaw 2016

"The Step" Warsaw 2017